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JBJS Podcast

39. Spotlight on (1) Reproducibility in Science and (2) Perioperative Nutrition

In this episode, Marc and Mo discuss a couple of recent JBJS and OE articles that caught their eye. The first part of the discussion focuses on a number of provocative questions related to the topic of reproducibility in science, while the second part focuses on a recent RCT on the impact of perioperative nutrition on patient outcomes, with a call for additional research in this area. Links: • Bhandari M, Silburt J. Reproducibility in Science: a Crisis in Confidence? Ortho Evidence. 14 May 2022. Article Number 92. • Ioannidis JP. Why most published research findings are false. PLoS Med. 2005 Aug;2(8):e124. doi: 10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124. Epub 2005 Aug 30. PMID: 16060722; PMCID: PMC1182327. • Hendrickson NR, Davison J, Glass NA, Wilson ES, Miller A, Leary S, Lorentzen W, Karam MD, Hogue M, Marsh JL, Willey MC. Conditionally Essential Amino Acid Supplementation Reduces Postoperative Complications and Muscle Wasting After Fracture Fixation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2022 May 4;104(9):759-766. doi: 10.2106/JBJS.21.01014. Epub 2022 Mar 14. PMID: 35286282. Keywords: Orthopaedics, JBJS, OrthoEvidence, reproducibility, replication, sample size, RCT, meta-analysis, effect size, methodology, conditionally essential amino acid supplementation, CEAA, nutrition, RCT, multinational trial, multicenter trial, perioperative nutrition, perioperative care, silos, collaboration

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