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JBJS Podcast

17. Total Hips vs. Hemis in Femoral Neck Fractures and Pro-Tips for Publishing Success in Orthopaedic Research

In this episode, Antonia and Andrew a selection of articles from the September 7, 2022 issue of JBJS, along with an added dose of entertainment and pop culture. Listen at the gym, on your commute, or whenever your case is on hold! Top of the Pile • What’s New in Osteoporosis and Fragility Fractures, by Hanson et al. • Current Concepts Review: Machine Learning for the Orthopaedic Surgeon. Uses and Limitations, by Alsoof et al. • What’s Important: On Becoming the “Historical Perspective” in the Room, by Zuckerman • Coaching, Separate from Mentoring, May Provide Skill Acquisition, Improved Well-Being, and Career Advancement in Orthopaedic Surgery. AOA Critical Issues, by Samora et al. Headlines • Validation of A Predictive Tool for Discharge to Rehabilitation or a Skilled Nursing Facility After TJA, by Ortiz et al. • Synovial Fluid and Serum Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio. Novel Biomarkers for the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Native Septic Arthritis in Adults, by Varady et al. Your Case is On Hold • Is the Revision Rate for Femoral Neck Fracture Lower for Total Hip Arthroplasty Than for Hemiarthroplasty? A Comparison of Registry Data for Contemporary Surgical Options, by Hoskins et al. Toss Up • Revision Risk for Total Knee Arthroplasty Polyethylene Designs in Patients 65 Years of Age or Older. An Analysis from the American Joint Replacement Registry, by Kendall et al. Honorable Mention • Understanding Noise Exposure During Cast Removal. The Effect of Cast Saw Type and Casting Material, by Shaw et al. • Trunk Range of Motion and Patient Outcomes After Anterior Vertebral Body Tethering Versus Posterior Spinal Fusion. Comparison Using Computerized 3D Motion Capture Technology, by Pahys et al. • Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes of Revision Total Ankle Arthroplasty Using the INBONE II Prosthesis, by Jamjoon et al. • Spinal Compared with General Anesthesia in Contemporary Primary Total Hip Arthroplasties, by Owen et al. • An Enhanced Understanding of Culture-Negative Periprosthetic Joint Infection with Next-Generation Sequencing. A Multicenter Study, by Goswami et al. Link: JBJS website: Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by JBJS Clinical Classroom. Subspecialties: • Basic Science • Foot & Ankle • Hip • Infection • Knee • Orthopaedic Essentials • Pediatrics • Rehabilitation • Spine • Trauma Keywords: JBJS, SNF, skilled nursing facility, osteoporosis, fragility fracture, machine learning, coaching, mentoring, EMR, NL ratio, biomarkers, septic arthritis, CBC, differential, THA, hemiarthroplasty, AJRR, TKA, revision, p value, 95% CI, infection

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