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JBJS Podcast

18. Orthopaedic Conferences at the Overlook Hotel and Glucose Variability in Revision Total Joint Arthroplasty

In this episode, Antonia and Andrew a selection of articles from the September 21, 2022 issue of JBJS, along with an added dose of entertainment and pop culture. Listen at the gym, on your commute, or whenever your case is on hold! Top of the Pile • What’s New in Hip Replacement, by Morgan • Host Perspectives of High-Income Country Orthopaedic Resident Rotations in Low and Middle-Income Countries, by Roberts et al. • Deep Learning and Imaging for the Orthopaedic Surgeon. How Machines “Read” Radiographs, by Hill et al. • What's Important: Dealing with Gun Violence, by Lachiewicz • New Beginnings and Revealing Invisible Identities, by Bellamy et al. • Diversity and Inclusion in Orthopaedic Surgery from Medical School to Practice, by Lamanna et al. Headlines • Spontaneous Lumbar Curve Correction Following Vertebral Body Tethering of Main Thoracic Curves, by Catanzano et al. • Applying Deep Learning to Establish a Total Hip Arthroplasty Radiography Registry. A Stepwise Approach, by Rouzrokh et al. Your Case is On Hold • Serum Glucose Variability Increases the Risk of Complications Following Aseptic Revision Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, by Goh et al. Honorable Mention • Defining Minimally Important Differences in Functional Outcomes in Musculoskeletal Oncology, by Gazendam et al. • Patients Who Undergo Rotator Cuff Repair Can Safely Return to Driving at 2 Weeks Postoperatively, by Badger et al. • Isolated Lateral Tibiofemoral Compartment Osteoarthritis. Survivorship and Patient Acceptable Symptom State After Lateral Fixed-Bearing Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty at Mean 10-Year Follow-up, by Plancher et al. • 15% of Talar Osteochondral Lesions Are Present Bilaterally While Only 1 in 3 Bilateral Lesions Are Bilaterally Symptomatic, by Rikken et al. Link: JBJS website: Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by JBJS Clinical Classroom. Subspecialties: • Foot & Ankle • Hip • Knee • Oncology • Orthopaedic Essentials • Pediatrics • Shoulder • Spine • Sports Medicine Keywords: JBJS, hip replacement, THR, THA, resident rotations, vertebral body tethering, curve correction, radiation, image registry, DICOM, digital imaging and communications in medicine, radiology, knee replacement, TKR, TKA, serum glucose, inflammation, complications, infection, methodology, D5 saline, diabetes

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