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JBJS Podcast

49. Hip Arthroscopy and FAI, with special guest Olufemi Ayeni

In this episode, Mo and Marc are joined by special guest Olufemi Ayeni (Professor and Academic Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University), in a discussion of the evolution of hip arthroscopy throughout the years, trends in the use of hip preservation vs. hip replacement, the diagnosis and treatment of hip pain, key factors contributing to the development of symptomatic FAI (particularly in young athletes), and the importance of cultivating a team-based approach in the treatment of patients with hip symptoms. Subspecialties: • Hip • Pediatrics • Sports Medicine Keywords: Orthopaedics, JBJS, OrthoEvidence, femoroacetabular impingement, FAI, THA, THR, hip preservation, hip arthroscopy, Smith-Petersen, Reinhold Ganz, Marc Philippon, Thomas Byrd, machine-learning, big data, RCT, biologics, patient personality, pain perception, return to sport, team approach, FADIR test, OA, osteoid osteoma, MRI, CT, intra-articular injection

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