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JBJS Podcast

52. Hot Topics in Orthopaedics: (1) Humeral Shaft Fractures and (2) Genetic Factors for Adhesive Capsulitis

In this episode, Marc and Mo discuss several recent articles that caught their eye. The first part of the discussion focuses on selected highlights from the recent meeting of the OTA (specifically, the treatment of humeral shaft fractures), and the second part focuses on genetic factors related to adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. Links: • OrthoEvidence. OTA 2022: Key Findings from This Year’s RCTs and Meta-Analyses. OE Insights. 2022. Available from: • Kulm S, Langhans MT, Shen TS, Kolin DA, Elemento O, Rodeo SA. Genome-Wide Association Study of Adhesive Capsulitis Suggests Significant Genetic Risk Factors. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2022 Nov 2;104(21):1869-1876. doi: 10.2106/JBJS.21.01407. Epub 2022 Nov 2. PMID: 36223477. • OrthoJoe Episode 43: Physician Etiquette and Attire Subspecialties: • Basic Science • Shoulder • Trauma • Orthopaedic Essentials Keywords: Orthopaedics, orthopedics, JBJS, OrthoEvidence, HUMMER study, cost effectiveness, osteosynthesis, nonoperative treatment, nonunion, transient radial nerve palsy, nails, plates, RCT, functional recovery, range of motion, meta-analysis, genome, genetics, hypothyroidism, diabetes, WNT pathway, genome-wide association study, Bonferroni correction

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